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About Us

We serve the unincorporated community of Marion in Flathead County, Montana. We seek to provide quality, cost-effective services that exceed our community’s expectations. Our fire department only has two paid employees—each is a firefighter and an advanced emergency medical technician. Everyone else is a volunteer. Yet, we successfully manage to provide fire suppression, rescue, and emergency medical services.

In 2015, the Marion Fire Department responded to 209 calls dispatched by the Flathead 911 Emergency Communications Center. Roughly 50% answered medical calls, about 20% for motor vehicle accidents, 19% for wildland fires, and the rest included structure and dumpster fires, power line emergencies, water and ice rescues.


We are the operational arm of the Marion Fire District. An act of the Flathead County Board of Commissioners (in response to a petition from property owners) created our district on October 14, 1980. The Marion Fire District is a public body corporate and politic with certain sovereign powers, such as the power of taxation.

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