Seeking Volunteer EMRs

Interested in getting involved? We are planning a training course for those in our community who would like to be Emergency Medical Responders (EMR). We need to have at least six volunteers to hold the course. Tentatively, classes will start at the end of January with an end result of national certification for each student.

Emergency Medical Responders are people who are specially trained to provide out-of-hospital care in medical emergencies. There are many different types of emergency medical responders, each with different levels of training, ranging from first aid and basic life support. Emergency Medical Responders typically assist in rural regions providing basic life support where pre-hospital health professionals are not available due to limited resources or infrastructure.

Please consider joining our cadre of volunteer Emergency Medical Responders. Although the work can be challenging, it is rewarding, needed, and appreciated. For more information, please contact Marion Fire District Chief Katie Mast at 406-283-1011.

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