Fire Camp at Marion School

The fire camp and incident command post at Marion School is bustling. Please, be cautious driving on Gopher Lane. Helitack personnel established a base at the Cabin Creek Landing residential air park, which is located on US-2 west of “downtown” Marion and east of the Wilderness Treatment Center. Please, see our new Wildfire Glossary page for definitions of any unfamiliar terms mentioned in this post.

The Northern Rockies Incident Management Team posted the following facts this morning about wildfires in or near Marion Fire District. 135 personnel are assigned to fight five separate fires in the US-2 corridor. The only road closure reported is outside Marion Fire District—Thompson River Road from its junction with US-2 south to the 17-mile bridge.

Rogers Mountain Fire
69 acres – 45% contained

• Fire located north of Loon Lake and west of North ACM Road.
• Firefighters will continue laying hose on the north end of the fire to hold the fireline and begin extinguishing hot spots within the fire perimeter. Crews on the south end will continue constructing hand lines.

Lazier Creek 3 Fire
1,140 acres – 30% contained

• Fire located south of US-2 and west of Thompson River Road.
Firefighters will continue to improve and construct firelines on south and eastern sides of fire with hand crews and heavy equipment. Helicopters will drop water and offer other aerial assistance. Crews working on north, west, and southwest flanks of the fire will continue to hold and improve fireline.
• Numerous structures are threatened. Bend Guard Station and nearby structures are under voluntary evacuation. None of the structures in Marion Fire District near this fire are currently under any sort of evacuation orders.

Grubb Fire
15 acres – 100% contained

• Fire located north of Pleasant Valley.
• Resources remain on scene to ensure mop up operations are completed.

NW Meadow Peak Fire
12 acres – 75% contained

• Fire located east of North ACM Road near Meadow Peak.
• Crews begin mop up operations today.

2645 Fire
3.5 acres – 100% contained

2 thoughts on “Fire Camp at Marion School

  1. I’m impressed with this site and fire dept. for the professional response to a very chaotic and dangerous situation. When I lived in Washington State, my property was across the road from a wildfire and the DNR set up their ICP on my hay field next to the house. We sat outside all night and all day watching these men and women hike up and down the mountain with heavy packs and tools while helicopters w/water and planes w/pink retardant flew back and forth over the house. I have pictures with water drops on the lens and memories of flames creeping down the last hill towards the power lines.
    But they stopped it. I don’t remember how many thousands of acres it burned but it took a lot and a few structures on the other side. Wind was a factor.
    My intent was not to tell stories but to remark that a blog such as this would have been so appreciated back then. There were other fires nearby that we couldn’t get information on and always the lack of knowing caused stress. I don’t know who is responsible for this communication venue but this is priceless.
    Our Marion Fire Dept. has developed into an organization that is top notch and one I’m very proud to say is in the community I live in. If I weren’t so old – I’d join!


    1. Thanks for your support; we hope to continue to provide valuable information to those living in or even just visiting Marion.


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