Fire Update – 07/13/2017

For definitions of terms used in this report, please, go to our Wildfire Glossary web page. 307 personnel are fighting fires in and around Marion Fire District territory. Drones are prohibited in the fires vicinity & have potential to shut down all operations.

Rogers Mountain Fire
78 acres – 49% contained – 77 firefighters assigned

Located 3 miles Northwest of Happy’s Inn.
In order to utilize an existing road as a portion of the fire line, firefighters backed fire downslope using hand ignition along the southern perimeter of the fire on Wednesday. This effort allowed firefighters to tie the fire line into a dozer line that was built along the eastern fire edge. Today, firefighters will continue laying hose into the interior of the fire and extinguishing hot spots as part of the mop up efforts. Crews on the south end of the fire will work to secure the fire line and mop up along yesterday’s burn out.

Lazier Creek 3 Fire
1,145 acres – 30% contained – 176 personnel assigned

Located south of Highway 2 and west of the Thompson River Road.
Firefighters took advantage of the weather conditions keeping fire behavior moderate, yesterday, and constructed line along the south and eastern flanks of the fire. The northwestern perimeter of the fire contains numerous spot fires, which are still holding heat, so crews concentrated on extinguishing the hot spots as they improved the line. Firefighters , including hotshot crews, will continue to improve and construct fire line on the south and eastern portions of the fire with hand crews and heavy equipment again today. Aircraft, including both Type 1 and Type 2 helicopters, are assisting the firefighters efforts with bucket drops as needed. Crews working on the north, west and southwest flanks of the fire will continue to hold and improve fire line. An additional crew has begun assessing structures and determining protection needs.

Grubb Fire
15 acres – 100 % contained – 33 personnel assigned

Located north of Pleasant Valley. Engine crews are finishing up mop up efforts on the interior of the fire and looking for any remaining pockets of heat.

NW Meadow Peak Fire
11.5 acres – 79% contained – 14 firefighters assigned

Located Northwest of Meadow Peak Lookout.
Firefighters successfully completed the fire line around the perimeter of the burn. In addition to fire line construction crews laid hoses along the fire’s perimeter which will allow firefighters to utilize water in their mop up efforts.

2645 Fire:
3.25 acres – 50% contained – 7 firefighters assigned

This fire is located near the NW Meadow Peak Fire.
Crews have constructed fire line along the entire perimeter of the fire and have inserted hose lays in order to extinguish hot spots utilizing water from the engines.

Closures: The Thompson River Road is closed at the junction with Highway 2 south to the 28 mile marker. County Road 257 remains open.

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