Round Up for Safety Grant

Flathead Electric Cooperative (FEC) is giving us a $6,000 grant to purchase thermal imaging and multi-gas detection equipment. We are grateful to FEC, its Round Up for Safety board of directors, and FEC members who participate in the Round Up for Safety program by adding pennies to their electric bills each month. (Those pennies do a world of good!)

With the multi-gas monitors, our firefighters will be able to detect hazardous gases, such as carbon monoxide. Thermal imaging equipment will be used to detect an unresponsive person that needs to be rescued, whether it be in a smoky building or at the scene of a motor vehicle collision during hours of darkness. It will also quickly identify hot spots in wildland and structure fires to help fix the exact location of the fire’s origin and the extent of its spread. In addition to safeguarding firefighters, hot spot detection can also minimize additional damage that must take place to open up the structure to ensure complete extinguishment of a structure fire. Thermal imaging equipment also has uses during HAZMAT responses.

2 thoughts on “Round Up for Safety Grant

  1. Proud to say I’m one of those “penny wise” people. Glad I could finally help this fire dept. that I’m also very proud of. Marion deserves this communities heartiest support for jobs well done under extreme conditions. Hope to never need your services again but if I do ~ thank you for being there.

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