Trustees Meeting Agenda


DATE: Thursday, May 31, 2018

TIME: 5:00 PM

PLACE: Marion Fire District Community Center at 180 Gopher Lane in Marion


1. Call to Order, Roll Call, & Establishment of Quorum 

2. Consent to Agenda

3. Approval of Previous Meeting’s Minutes (April 26, 2018 regular meeting minutes)

4. Public Comment (Matters under the jurisdiction of the Marion Fire District Board of Trustees that are not on the agenda may be addressed by the public at this time. However, the Board is generally prohibited from taking action on matters until the public has been provided sufficient notice. Public comment will be accepted on agenda items when they are being discussed.)

5. Warrants: 

​​A. Review & approve current claims for payment

​​B. Review & approve the Treasurer’s Report​

6. Reports: 

​​A. Fire Chief’s Report

7. Action Items:

​​A. New Board Member Introductions and Secretary Nomination

​​B. Extended Warranties

​​C. Pintler/Collection Accounts

​​D. Emergency Actions

8. Special Discussion:

​​A. Public Request for Information

​​​9.  Announcements:

​​A. Next Meeting Date

10. Adjournment 

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