Absentee Ballot Problems

Some voters in our fire district have reported that the absentee ballots they received from the Flathead County Elections Department are missing our district’s tax levy measure. Those voters will need to vote in person rather than via their absentee ballot, if they want to vote on the measure. Please, contact elections personnel at (406) 758-5535 with questions/concerns. We hope that our district’s voters votes YES in support of the levy.

2 thoughts on “Absentee Ballot Problems

    1. Mr. Hutsell,
      The Flathead County Elections Department has control of this issue, not us. According to information we received after we posted about the potential problem, we were informed that many voters in the Marion area who reported problems were not allowed to vote on the measure, because their addresses were not actually part of Marion Fire District’s territory and not subject to the mill levy proposal. It’s unclear how many people voting via absentee ballot were actually affected.


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