Marion Crew Headed to Fight California Fire

Marion’s board of trustees agreed to send three firefighters (Fire Chief Katie Mast, FF Jessica Barrett, and Shelby Crandall) and one fire engine (1131) to fight the devastating fires in California. According to Chief Mast, she and her crew will be assigned to the Woolsey Fire near Chino. They left this morning. Their estimated return date is November 27th. The State of California will pay Marion Fire District for the use of its fire engine and people. The district’s volunteer firefighters will do their best to ensure that services aren’t degraded by the temporary absence of Marion fire personnel.

3 thoughts on “Marion Crew Headed to Fight California Fire

  1. Hi there, the crew will be near Chico, Ca.😁Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone


    1. When Chief Mast left, she messaged that the crew was headed to Chino and assigned to the Woolsey Fire in Southern California. Chico would put the crew near the Camp Fire in Northern California. Perhaps the crew’s assignment changed once they were enroute. I have asked for clarification and will post update when I get it.


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