Photo of Firefighter Tiffany Hamdan

Tiffany Hamdan Memorial

Marion Firefighter Tiffany Hamdan died on March 17, 2019. A memorial service is scheduled to start at 11 AM on Saturday, March 23rd at our main fire station (180 Gopher Lane, Marion, MT 59925). There will be a procession followed by a meal after the service.

Words cannot express our shock and grief.

Tiffany left behind 4 children. Her 14-years-old son, Broden, lived with her and was looking forward to joining our department as a cadet.

Details about the accident that took her life can be found in this KPAX news story.

This is link to a GoFundMe fundraiser to assist with Tiffany’s funeral expenses.

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3 thoughts on “Tiffany Hamdan Memorial

  1. Accept my most sincere sympathy and Condolences in the passing of FF Tiffany Hamden. Gone too soon. Her duty is Done. Prayers for the department and her family.
    Retired DFC


  2. It is with regret I’ve heard the news of your firefighter loss, Tiffany Hamdan. Unexpected deaths are never easy to accomodate in our lives. The ties between Marion and Fisher River go way back and so your loss is ours too. I recall one fire several years ago at which Marion F.D. backed us up. Myself and a Marion Hosewoman were laying water on an exposure, an original log cabin up Silver Butte. Fifty pounds of black powder exploded in the basement of the burning lodge. It laid both of us flat on the ground and rocked the engines. Had the powder been at floor level instead of the basement we well might have been gravely injured or dead. There is great strength in our cooperative endeavors. Thanks for your service.

    George Neils
    Chairman, Fisher River Fire Service Area


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