Henry’s Rescue

We apologize to anyone disappointed that the volunteer who manages this site didn’t keep up with the news and excitement a recent rescue generated—news of which was posted to our Facebook page a couple of days ago…

Here’s a feel good story for a rainy Tuesday. Yesterday the Marion fire crews, along with officers from Flathead county animal control were dispatched for a horse that had broken through ice and was stranded in a swampy canal. Crews worked to free the cold, exhausted horse, eventually lifting him from the water. He was too energy spent to stand on his feet, with the help of equipment we assisted him to his feet and eventually to the back of a horse trailer. As of today, Henry is doing well and we hope he continues to improve! A huge thank you to Flathead county animal control officers, Laselle Equine Clinic, Montana Rockworks, Murphy’s Excavating, the Hilltop Hitching Post and others who assisted in the recovery! As usual, our community came together and made it happen! 💪💪 Henry and his owner appreciate the efforts!

Several news sources covered the aftermath of the rescue. Chief Katie Mast thanked the Daily Inter Lake’s Jeremy Weber for his follow up article. Quoting Chief Mast, ” This effort far exceeded the work of the Fire Department. We would not have been able to do this rescue without the help of individuals and businesses from the community stepping up to the plate.”

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