Governor Gianforte Declares Wildfire State of Emergency

Our district’s fire danger level is VERY HIGH. However, it’s worse in much of the rest of Montana. Nearly 1,400 wildland fires burned over 141,000 acres in Montana as of July 14th. According to multiple news sources, approximately 78 percent of those fires were human-caused.

“Montana faces critical fire conditions that pose significant threats to our communities, infrastructure, first responders, and way of life,” Gov. Gianforte said. “As our firefighters battle active fires across the state with more to come, this executive order helps ensure they have the suppression resources, supplies, and fuel they need to safely and aggressively respond.” The governor continued, “I’m urging all Montanans and visitors to our state to do their part. Follow local fire restrictions, prepare your homes and communities for wildfire, and recreate and work safely to ensure you’re not adding to our wildland firefighters’ workload by inadvertently starting a wildfire. Our dedicated, courageous first responders are depending on us all.” The governor issued Executive Order 12-2021 in response to the dry and dangerous wildfire conditions that exist across the state and to the national shortage of firefighting resources.

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