Pt. 2 – Know Your Target and What Is Beyond It

Several people have accused our department of lying about an incident involving a target shooter unintentionally firing a 50-caliber bullet into the home of one of our firefighters.  We are accused of having an “anti-gun agenda,” because they claim the bullet’s case can be seen in this picture… Those people apparently mistook an indentation in the fired bullet as the neck of the round’s case. … Continue reading Pt. 2 – Know Your Target and What Is Beyond It

Know Your Target and What Is Beyond It

//ADDED on 04/08/2018 // Since few people are reading are second post about the incident that attempted to counter accusations that the original post is “fake news.” Here is a photo of the 50-caliber bullet after it was removed from the wall:     The other day a man in Marion violated the following cardinal firearms safety rule: “KNOW YOUR TARGET AND WHAT IS BEYOND … Continue reading Know Your Target and What Is Beyond It

Give Us a Brake!

At a recent staff meeting, Chief Katie Mast reported complaints from a few people that they “couldn’t see” first responders during hours of darkness who were controlling traffic near emergency incident scenes. Generally, our first responders are wearing vests with blinking lights and they are using lighted “Stop/Slow” paddles. We are aware that drivers approaching incident scenes become fixated on and/or partially blinded by emergency … Continue reading Give Us a Brake!