Ice Rescue Training

Looking forward to today’s winds dying down. It’s a pity that unfavorable conditions on McGregor Lake forced cancellation of the Lodge’s annual ice fishing derby scheduled for this weekend. Our firefighters trained to be prepared to rescue anyone who fell through weak ice. That being said, most of them would be extremely grateful if nobody needs rescuing from any of our local lakes this winter. Continue reading Ice Rescue Training

Congratulations, Wildland Firefighters!

Please, join us in congratulating firefighters Martin Chandler, Victoria Crampton, Nauni Griffith, Tiffany Hamdan, and Mike Williams for their successful completion of the Basic Wildland Firefighters course. We are proud and grateful to have these latest skilled and dedicated volunteers take on the challenge of protecting and serving our community. This nationally-standardized course addresses the knowledge and skills required of wildland firefighters before they are allowed to work on firelines. … Continue reading Congratulations, Wildland Firefighters!