Final Fire Update – 07/19/2017

Barring new fire starts, this will be the final fire update for this season, because the five fires near us are 100% contained!  248 personnel are working fire operations out here, but Thompson’s Type II Incident Management Team breaks down fire camp tomorrow. A Type III organization will finish off the Lazier Creek 3 and Rogers Mountain fires. Kalispell and Libby DNRC units will assume … Continue reading Final Fire Update – 07/19/2017

Fire Update – 07/18/2017

According to Thompson’s Type II Incident Management Team, 361 personnel are fighting fires in and around Marion Fire District territory. Fire crews are slowly being released and the fire camp at Marion School will probably shut down the day after tomorrow (Thursday 07/20/2017). Although the weather will continue to warm and dry out the area, no lightning storms are in the forecast. So, we need … Continue reading Fire Update – 07/18/2017

Fire Camp at Marion School

The fire camp and incident command post at Marion School is bustling. Please, be cautious driving on Gopher Lane. Helitack personnel established a base at the Cabin Creek Landing residential air park, which is located on US-2 west of “downtown” Marion and east of the Wilderness Treatment Center. Please, see our new Wildfire Glossary page for definitions of any unfamiliar terms mentioned in this post. … Continue reading Fire Camp at Marion School