Welcome! We are a rural fire district in Flathead County, Montana that covers about 37 square miles. For perspective, if you drove from the furthest tract in the northeast (on the south-side of Ashley Lake) to the tract in the southwest (off of Thompson River Road near Sanders County), you would log more than 42 miles! We also respond to the county fire service area that surrounds our district.

Green color highlights tracts of land within Marion Fire District’s areas of responsibility.

Our fire department operates three fire stations. The main station is across from Marion School on Gopher Lane. Sub-stations are near McGregor Lake and Ashley Lake.

MFD’s Ashley Lake fire sub-station.

Want to Stay Informed about What We’re Doing?

We do our best to keep you informed about what our fire department is doing to serve our community. In addition to this website, you can follow Marion FD on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. There are social icon links for our presence on those sites at the top of this Home page, too. Additionally, in this Home page footer, you will find a link that you can use to sign up to receive email notifications of any news we post. Especially during wildland fire seasons, these notifications are helpful to many in our community who worry about evacuation notices.